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Compression Knee Brace

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  • One Unit contains one piece of knee brace.
  • Compression improves blood circulation and relieves pain in knee
  • Improves athletic performance and helps in Injury recovery
  • Therapeutic warmth relieves knee pain and arthritis joint pain
  • Contoured pad around knee cap helps disperse pressure
  • Helps in Sprains & Strains fo the Knee & Knee Tendinitis
  • Anti-skid silicone holds the brace in place even when you run
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About Lumino Cielo Compression Knee Brace


  • HELPS IN KNEE INJURY RECOVERY: If you have knee sprain or strain, wear Lumino Cielo Compression Knee Brace to help relieve the pain. This brace limits Patella movement so helps heal meniscus tear, tendonitis, ACL, osteoarthritis, runners knee, and arthritis. Compression promotes muscle recovery by improving blood circulation in the knee.
  • THERAPEUTIC WARMTH FOR KNEE JOINT PAIN RELIEF: Lumino Cielo Compression Knee Brace offers therapeutic warmth by retaining heat. The warmth helps in decreasing swelling and inflammation and reducing stiffness in knee joints.
  • IMPROVES ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: This knee brace keeps your knee supported without restricting movement so you can perform at your peak everytime with full range of leg motion. Whether you are playing basketball, football, tennis, squash, cricket, golf or if you are running, hiking, jogging, trekking or doing any activity that stresses your knee, you can get very strong knee support with this brace.
  • ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: Double silicone anti-slip lining provides strong grip that will keep the brace in place at all times. So you can perform at your best in any sports.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Lightweight professional grade material made offers comfort for all-day wear. Lumino Cielo Compression knee brace is very flexible and durable. Easy to maintain – you can simply hand-wash after use.
  • SIZE CHART. MEASURE ABOVE KNEE CAP: Measure thigh circumference at 4″ above knee cap. Please see images. Small 14.5″ – 17″, Medium 17″ – 19.5″ and Large 19.5″ – 22″.

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