Excellent, It supports the hand a lot
I was getting sciatica pain, was very uncomfortable on my long haul flights. I tried compression socks while travel, it did suppress pain for a while.
Very good quality and very good support for pain relief
Works as mentioned. Gives distinct comfort to your feet. For someone having vericose veins issue this is must buy product.
I stand and walk a lot during the day. Needed socks that provides support. These really helped provide compression around the calf and reduces swelling. I would suggest that you hand wash them for longer life (even though they are machine washable)
I develop foot soreness after a long run or intense weights workout. Tried wearing these after the workout. The compression is light/medium. Provided excellent relief to soreness and faster recovery for a workout the next day.
Gives great support for the heel. Good product
Very good very comfortable. Releives pain. Can eaer all day.
I was suffering from pain running up from the sole of my foot into the calf and swelling in one ankle from walking around / standing long hours at work. I bought these a few days before a vacation during which I knew I would be doing a lot of sightseeing, walking, and climbing. These were awesome. I wore them under my regular socks and shoes and I was able to walk many miles through the day without any problems. Really good!
I write this with out any doubt that I got immediate relief as compared to use of similar product which I used earlier. It is of very good quality and worth it.
Very nice product, apart from helping in knee pain, it helped me to perform better while running... Surely a must buy for those having knee trouble but still want to workout/run
A very good quality product. Material is very good. Have been using it for almost 15 days. I use to have difficulty in running due to knee pain but after using it there a good amount of improvement. Worth the money.
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