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Arthritis Gloves With Compression

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  • Therapeutic warmth helps relieve pain
  • Mild compression for achy fingers and hands
  • Compression improves blood circulation
  • Complete coverage of wrist and finger joints
  • Open fingertip design offers better mobility & ease
  • All-day/night gloves
  • Hand washable


Product Description

  • GENTLE COMPRESSION FOR FINGERS AND HAND: compression helps relieve muscle and tendon pain in your fingers and hands. Form-fitting design helps ease arthritis pain in your joints. Compression improves blood circulation that can help in reduced swelling and stiffness in fingers and wrist.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR ARTHRITIS AND CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME PAIN: Lumino Cielo Arthritis Gloves allow warmth by retaining heat in fingers and joints which helps in pain relief from osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
  • OPEN FINGERTIPS: Open fingertips allow for better mobility of hands. You can use your phone, continue typing and cooking, flipping pages of a book, or do any other day-to-day task with ease. The unique glove design allows for a balance between glove coverage and flexibility of fingers.
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC ALLOWS ALL-DAY WEAR: Lumino Cielo Arthritis Gloves are made of breathable cotton-spandax blend fabric. This fabric is more than 85% cotton so it is soft on hands. You can wear these gloves all day for warmth and support.
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE: Hand wash only. Do not machine wash. These gloves are made of simple stitching to keep them smooth on your hands. To retain the seams intact, please hand wash them.
  • REVIEW THE SIZE CHART IN THE IMAGES TO GET THE RIGHT GLOVES FOR YOU. These gloves are stretchable by 20% so use smaller side of the range while chosing the right size if you want Mild Compression. Use higher side of the range for stronger compression. Check the image for a visual instruction on how to measure your hands for the right gloves.
    • SMALL: 7cm – 8cm
    • MEDIUM: 7.5cm – 8.8cm
    • LARGE: 8cm – 9.5cm

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