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Lumino Cielo Arthritis Gloves are designed to reduce swelling in stiff and sore muscles. They offer pain relief in joints in hand and fingers. Effective in reducing pain from arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome. May also help in pain relief from the after-effects of chickengunia on the wrists and finger joints. Mild Compression offers stress relief for tired and achy fingers and hands by improving blood circulation. Improved blood circulation can help in reduced swelling and stiffness. Open Fingertip design offers better Mobility and ease of touch so that you can continue with your daily tasks of typing, using mobile phone, cooking etc.

Product Description

  • GENTLE COMPRESSION FOR FINGERS AND HAND: compression helps relieve muscle and tendon pain in your fingers and hands. Form-fitting design helps ease arthritis pain in your joints. Compression improves blood circulation that can help in reduced swelling and stiffness in fingers and wrist.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR ARTHRITIS AND CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME PAIN: Lumino Cielo Arthritis Gloves allow warmth by retaining heat in fingers and joints which helps in pain relief from osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
  • OPEN FINGERTIPS: Open fingertips allow for better mobility of hands. You can use your phone, continue typing and cooking, flipping pages of a book, or do any other day-to-day task with ease. The unique glove design allows for a balance between glove coverage and flexibility of fingers.
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC ALLOWS ALL-DAY WEAR: Lumino Cielo Arthritis Gloves are made of breathable cotton-spandax blend fabric. This fabric is more than 85% cotton so it is soft on hands. You can wear these gloves all day for warmth and support.
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE: Hand wash only. Do not machine wash. These gloves are made of simple stitching to keep them smooth on your hands. To retain the seams intact, please hand wash them.
  • REVIEW THE SIZE CHART IN THE IMAGES TO GET THE RIGHT GLOVES FOR YOU. These gloves are stretchable by 20% so use smaller side of the range while chosing the right size if you want Mild Compression. Use higher side of the range for stronger compression. Check the image for a visual instruction on how to measure your hands for the right gloves.
    • SMALL: 7cm – 8cm
    • MEDIUM: 7.5cm – 8.8cm
    • LARGE: 8cm – 9.5cm

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