Knee Pain

Knee pain is a pain symptom occurs at the knee joint. Knee pain is one of the most common pain symptoms. The pain of the knee joint may be localized or spread to larger area depending upon the underlying cause. The origin of the knee pain varies like ligaments or cartilages present in the knee may injure or kneecap become damage or degenerative bone condition affects femur, tibia, fibula or patella.  Knee pain can occur in any age group. The pain symptom aggravated with exercise, weight lifting, prolonged standing or walking.

Usually over the use of the knee joint often cause knee pain. But, the joint disorders like arthritis can also affect knee joint and can cause knee pain. Traumatic injury, which directly hit the knee joint can cause knee pain.

Knee pain can occur in any individuals, as knee joint is one of the most frequently used joint in the body. Standing, walking, running jumping – all these activities create pressure or force to knee joint. Knee pain can cause restriction to the physical activity, as the movement of the leg become painful.

Knee pain can be subsided by their own after taking rest. But if adequate rest of the knee joint unable to control the pain, then medical advice required to take. Thorough physical check up and determining the underlying cause is the primary treatment modality in the case of knee pain. Depending upon the findings of the result obtained from physical examination and laboratory assessment clinician prescribes the therapeutic remedy to treat knee pain.

In India, most of the people have occupation that require prolong standing posture. Indians are not concern about vitamins and mineral content require in the body with increasing of age. Therefore, age related calcium, vitamin D insufficiency leads to knee pain.


The possible causes of knee pain include:

Simple sprain or strain: Simple sprains or strains of the knee joint can be the outcome of an unusual activity or sudden force on the knee joint and cause knee pain… Know More


The primary symptom of knee pain is pain symptom. Pain symptom of knee pain aggravated by certain conditions including stretching, bending, kneeling, staring… Know Moe


Some of the precautionary measures of knee pain include:

  • It is very important to keep yourself physically active for preventing knee pain… Know More

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