Patient suffering from Plantar Fasciitis – Plan of Action

A Patient Shares her Heel Pain Reduction Journey using Lumino Cielo Compression Socks

My Plantar Fasciitis heel pain started 8 months ago. I used to wake up in the morning with sharp pain in my right heel. The pain often started from my heel and extended towards my arch. My first steps after waking up used to be the most painful. After a few steps, the pain would reduce only to come back in a few hours after I had walked about in normal day to day morning chores. I had stopped going for my morning walks which used to be my daily exercise routine. I skipped my Zumba classes because the heel pain would come back with a vengeance after each class. During this time I actually gained weight which made the pain worse. Without any exercise, I was even more worried I would continue to gain weight and the pain would never go away.

I consulted with an orthopedic doctor who suggested that I apply cold rolls under the arches of my feet, wear compression sleeves, and focus on weight reduction. I took these three steps simultaneously. Two months ago, I started a diet plan to reduce weight, got two pairs of Lumino Cielo All-Day Compression Sleeves and put a bottle of water (the cyclinder shaped one) in my freezer. I was ready to attack my Plantar Fasciitis heel pain head-on.

Here is how I gained control of my heel pain

Every night, I would wear my Lumino Cielo All-Day Compression Socks before going to bed. In the morning, my pain would be much lesser than before. That’s why I was able to push myself for my morning walks again (wearing the compression socks, of course). When I would return, I would take my frozen bottle of water, and roll my feet over the bottle sides. The cold temperature soothed the arches and the stress of the walk would be gone.

And I stuck to my diet plan. Today, my pain is reduced substantially. I only get it after a day of serious walking (sometimes you gotta walk more than usual). I keep my Lumino Cielo all-day compression sleeves next to my bed for such days. And I also have an extra pair in my purse just in case. When I wear these sleeves, it feels like someone is pressing my feet at the end of a strenuous day. Oh, and I lost 6 kilos in the last two months which is a really nice side benefit.

Some say that once you get Plantar Fasciitis, it takes months or even years to fully recover. Weight reduction definitely is important. But weight loss cannot happen quickly. While you are working on losing weight, it is important to manage the pain and not let Plantar Fasciitis affect the quality of your life. I would definitely recommend my strategy to all those suffering from this heel pain. I hope my experiences will help you as well. Good luck.