Shoulder Pain Causes


  • Frozen arm: If you have suffered from a frozen arm after you have slept on one side of your body for too long. A frozen arm is a heavy dangling from our shoulder joints. After a time the joints in the shoulder cannot take it anymore and the pain begins. Patients recovering from a broken arm or a stroke are more prone to suffer from a frozen arm.
  • Sprain or strain: Sprain or strain in the muscle fiber and tendons of the shoulder may also cause acute shoulder pains. Sudden jerky movement of the arm or lifting weights which you are not sure you can lift or not also causes shoulder pain.
  • Broken Collarbone: Broken collarbone is very common among teenagers and adults between 25. The collarbone joins a part of our breastbone to the shoulder blade. Sports injuries, accidents, traumas, and traffic accidents can cause a broken collarbone.
  • Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear of the bones as a gradual process of aging. As older we get our joints get more stiff and weak. Exercise and the healthy diet can only retard the process of such disintegration but not stop or reverse it. Pains in the muscle and pain joints in the shoulders may be caused by osteoarthritis. It is common among old people.
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: The thoracic outlet is a narrow pass between your collarbone and first rib. Sometimes space narrows down abnormally due to pressure or genetic reasons and this leads to a compression of the bones. The increased pressure in the blood vessels and nerves around the collarbone creates pain in the neck, shoulder and back.

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