Shoulder Pain

Shoulders symbolize strength and power because our neck and arms are supported by the muscles and bones in our shoulder. If our shoulder weakens we as a person also tend to turn weak. Shoulder pains might be indicative of some problems in the back or neck. Shoulder pains spread only over a small area and their effects are short-lived. But if not remedied instantly it may bother us enough to make us unable to carry our responsibilities in our shoulders.

Shoulder joints commonly cause pain to a person if he/she has suffered sudden jerks or pulls in the arms or shoulder joint. Pulling heavy weights or suffering from heavy injuries can also cause shoulder pain. If our back and neck are not in a good posture it may also lead to shoulder pain. Although shoulder pain in itself is not very severe an ailment if the pain goes unattended may mar the individual’s daily work.


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There can be several reasons for having a shoulder pain. We will discuss some of the common symptoms of pain here.  Know More


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