Runner‘s Knee Symptoms

Runner’s knee can be developed in single or both the legs. The pain symptom is the primary indication of Runner’s knee. In addition, the specific symptom of runner’s knee is tenderness of the center of the patella. Feeling the pain at the backward direction of the knee and a cracking sense in the knee is common. Straining up,  climbing mountains, walking or running on an uneven surface can aggravate the Runner’s knee symptoms.  In some cases, the back pain or hip pain can be pass on to the knee, which is termed as “referred pain.”

The nature of the pain in Runner’s knee is a type of ache feel around or at the back of the patella.  The pain of the Runner’s knee may feel during walking, running, sitting for knee bending posture for prolonged period, climbing stairs, kneeling, change the posture from sitting down to standing up and squatting.

The other included symptoms of Runner’s knee are inflammation, grinding or popping in the knee.