Runner‘s Knee Precautions

Some precautionary measure can prevent Runner’s knee syndrome. The precautionary measures are not very tedious, but some careful steps can avert Runner’s knee syndrome.

  • Over weight is one of the supportive cause for developing Runner’s knee syndrome. Therefore, body weight management is one of the primary precautionary measures to prevent Runner’s knee.
  • Proper warm up is essential before practicing any physical exercise. Proper stretching can effective manner to the warm-up body.
  • Avoid taking physical overload at a time. Gradual increasing of physical effort to perform a high level and strenuous work out is advisable.
  • Good quality sports shoes are a very important precautionary measure for Runner’s knee.
  • Replacement of sports shoes after 500 km is also important precautionary measure for Runner’s knee.
  • During running maintain proper form, which includes knees bending position and forward leaning.
  • It is always advisable to run and walk on a smooth surface and avoid running on the uneven surface.
  • Follow the zigzag pattern to walk during stepping down.

    Runner‘s Knee Pain Home Remedies

Runner’s knee symptoms often managed by home remedies.  The applicable home remedies for runner’s knee include:

Adequate rest: Repetitive or consecutive stress can aggravate knee pain. Adequate rest can assist to heal up the internal injury of the kneecap.

Ice pack compression: Ice pack compression can help to reduce pain and inflammation. After a workout exercise applies an Ice pack for 30 minutes.

Compression: Sleeve or elastic bandage wrapping around the knee can control inflammatory symptoms of the knee associated with runner’s knee. However, it is always suggested that authentic compression brace like Lumino Cielo Athletic Compression Knee Brace available on the Amazon for multiple knee pain related problems including joint pain relief, arthritis, injury recovery, sports, hiking, ACL recovery. This compression brace can also assist to recover runner’s knee.

Elevation: Placing a pillow under the knee during the sleeping or resting can restrict the swelling symptom of the runner’s symptom. Significant swelling is reduced by placing the leg in an elevated position above the knee and heart, as it facilitates blood circulation.

Runner‘s Knee Pain Treatment

Runner’s knee does not cause serious health issue, but proper treatment is essential for normalize activities and improve the quality of life. Depending upon the underlying cause treatment planning is made to treat Runner’s knee.

Runner‘s Knee Pain Medication

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen usually prescribed by the doctor to pain relief and reduction of inflammation. But long term use can cause side effects like bleeding, ulcers etc.

Runner‘s Knee Pain Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is a type of physical therapy for correcting the proper gait of the body.

Runner‘s Knee Pain Custom orthotics

Custom orthotics are applied to altering gait and assist to lessen the stress. But in some individuals, it may not be effective to relieve pain symptom of the Runner’s knee.

Runner‘s Knee Pain Surgery

In the case of kneecap misaligning or cartilage damage, surgical intervention requires to realign kneecap and rectify cartilage damage.