Runner ‘s Knee Causes

There are multiple reasons can cause Runner’s knee. Indicative a single reason of runner’s knee is hard to discuss. Some biomechanical problems of the kneecap or patella can be caused Runner’s knee. In the knee joint, the external surface of the patella is larger than the internal side. In some cases, the position of the patella is extremely higher in the femoral groove or easy dislocation of the patella is also common in Runner’s knee. Injuries which irritate soft tissues or lining of the knee tissues, torn or worn cartilage or stressing tendons. Cartilage tearing can cause reduction of the shock absorption, whereas elevated-arched feet provide less cushioning. Excessive turning or pulling of the patella can occur due to flat knees or feet. Some of the muscle related reasons also lead to Runner’s knee. Pressure can generate in the knee due to the tightness of the calf muscles and hamstring. Quadriceps muscles weakness can cause the misalignment of the patella. Even the  Runner’s knee can be contributed by the following reasons: recurring and tedious compel of a standard running gait without the interference of other causes can also be adequate to aggravate a pain symptom of the runner’s knee.

  • Over use
  • Trauma to knee joint or patella
  • Twisting or misalignment of the patella
  • Dislocation (partial/ complete) of the patella
  • Flat feet
  • Stiffness of the thigh muscles
  • Thigh muscles weakness
  • Improper workout training before strenuous physical activities/ exercise
  • Joint degenerative disorder or arthritis
  • Fractured kneecap
  • Disease condition termed as synovial plica syndrome or plica syndrome, in which the inner layer of the tissue lining of the joint becomes thickened and inflamed

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, younger aged recreational runners usually develop this symptom. It has been also described that usually females have wider hips and that causes greater angle between thighbone and the knee bone. This generates more stress to kneecap  and increase the higher female predominance than male.