Runner ‘s Knee

The general term Runner’s knee is medically termed as Patellofemoral pain syndrome. This pain syndrome is named so because  the condition occurs mostly among runners. It has been suggested stress is generated during forceful running and that creates irritation at the articulation of kneecap (patella) and thigh bone, which creates Runner’s knee.

Runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome differ from patellar tendonitis. In patellar tendonitis, the tendon which is connecting kneecap and shin bone of the lower limb. Patellofemoral pain syndrome gets its name from the relevant anatomy around the knee. : the cause of the pain is the kneecap—the patella—rubbing against the groove in the femur, where it slides back and forth when you flex and extend the knee.

Runner’s knee is not only developed in the runners but who ever involved in knee bending activities for a prolonged period like biking, walking and jumping can develop Runner’s knee. Several knee pain related problems are termed as runner’s knee. However, runner’s knee does not indicate any specific injury. For example, breaking of cartilage present under the knee cap medically termed as chondromalacia patella, which can lead to runner’s knee symptoms. Women are more prone to develop Runner’s knee than men. Overweight is another influencing key factor for Runner’s knee development.

In India, the chance of developing Runner’s knee is very high, as Indian runner always feel proud to participate in Marathon. But the Indian roadways are not very smooth in everywhere, which can increase the tendency to develop Runner’s knee. In addition, motorcycle and cycles are a most common vehicle in India for the young generation. This also triggers the Runner’s knee symptoms. Indian females have higher tendency to become obese with increasing of age, which can increase the incidence of Runner’s knee in India.

Runner’s Knee Pain Causes

There are multiple reasons can cause Runner’s knee. Indicative a single reason of runner’s knee is hard to discuss. Some biomechanical problems of the kneecap or patella can be caused Runner’s knee.  …. Know More

Runner’s Knee Pain Symptoms

Runner’s knee can be developed in single or both the legs. The pain symptom is the primary indication of Runner’s knee. In addition, the specific symptom of runner’s knee is tenderness of the center of the patella….. Know More

Runner’s Knee Pain Precautions

Some precautionary measure can prevent Runner’s knee syndrome. The precautionary measures are not very tedious, but some careful steps can avert Runner’s knee syndrome….. Know More