We all know why we use compression socks – they are ultra-strong elasticated socks that are used for the knee, thigh or full length from the waist. Compression socks work by squeezing the leg tissues and the walls of the veins and this is to help the blood flow more freely back up your body and it also does not allow any accumulation of lymph fluid in the lower legs.

Here are the conditions that can be improved by wearing compression socks

Pregnancy : due to an increase of the blood volume in the body of pregnant women, swollen feet and ankles are a common complaint. Wearing compression socks during pregnancy helps prevent blood from accumulating in the lower extremities which helps the heart rate of the child and mother remain steady. It also helps keep the swelling to a minimum and relieve the pregnancy pains. Wearing these socks few weeks after birth is also beneficial.

People at the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)  : excessive air travelling, certain lifestyle factors, immobility, genetics, smoking and obesity are some of the reasons that can lead to thickening blood and make it prone to clotting, eventually leading to DVT. Graduated compression socks have a great benefit in preventing DVT as they sit tight around the ankle and prevents blood from accumulating in your legs.

Elderly people : the wall structure of the venous system tends to break down and no longer function properly as we get older. The venous system fails to transport blood up and down our circulatory system. Elderly people can benefit from wearing compression socks to relieve tired and achy legs and it also helps prevent any swelling.

Athletes : it is said that wearing compression socks during sports improves the performance of athletes because it helps them recover any injuries faster, they provide relief from muscle fatigue and helps reduce swelling after vigorous sports or distance running.

Those suffering from Varicose Veins : multiple factors cause varicose veins, these are painful and bulgy bluish-purple in colour formed during pregnancy, or to people who stand for long hours,  during menopause, or genetics and obesity. Compression socks are suggested by the doctor as the first remedy to cure any of the painful factors mentioned above.

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