Leg Pain

Pain in any part of the body is a natural indication that something wrong is happening with your body.  Same is the case with the leg pain. You must not ignore this for any reason. It could be dull ache to excruciating depending upon the disturbances in the natural mechanisms.


According to one of the study in India, the prevalence of chronic leg pain is 28% leading to disability. More work and less rest is one of the major contributors for leg pain among people of India belonging to the labor community.  On the other hand people enjoying sedentary lifestyle are not safe from this condition. Their inactive lifestyle results in the Peripheral Artery diseases (PAD), atherosclerosis and so on, the consequence of which is the leg pain.

Furthermore, if you belong from South Asian countries you’re more prone to diabetes and heart diseases, the foremost symptom of which is leg pain.

Another factor is the excessive pressure on the legs due to being overweight and obese that is more prevalent among the female gender as many women do not get the time to do regular exercise or walk daily.

Lack of water, poor diet deficient in vitamins, minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium etc.) and essential nutrients is very prevalent not only in women but also among adolescents in India that cause the symptoms of leg pain. A myriad of developmental changes occur during puberty, lack of access to the essential nutrition contributes to leg pain in the young age.

Leg Pain Causes

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Leg Pain Symptoms

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