Causes & Treatment for Knee Arthritis

We are all aware of the annoying knee pain caused due to arthritis, but what we do not know is the reason why we develop it. There are three different types of arthritis that tends to develop in our knees. The most common type is osteoarthritis, which is a progressive condition that wears away the joint cartilage overtime and is most likely to occur after middle age.

Rheumatoid arthritis on the other hand is another type which is an inflammatory condition that can occur at any age, and then there is post-traumatic arthritis which often develops following an injury such as a knee fracture, ligament injury, or torn meniscus.Itis also possible todevelop more than one type of arthritis at atime.


Consult your doctor if the pain is bothering you for a proper diagnosis and therapy. They will also recommend certain exercises such as water aerobics; strength training and tai chithat can help relieve pain and preserve your knee function. Being overweight also causes unnecessary knee pain; you can help relieve osteoarthritis by getting rid of extra pressure on your knees.

LuminoCielo’s Compression Knee Brace is an effective pain relief product highly recommendedfor people who are coping with arthritis and osteoarthritis joint pain. It is a versatile knee brace which also helps people with the following conditions:

  • Knee injury
  • Knew swelling
  • Runner’s knee pain
  • Chikungunya knee pain

LuminoCielo’s Compression Knee Braceis ideal for daily activities for the following:

  • Athletes
  • Runners
  • Marathoners
  • Regular walkers
  • People suffering from arthritis
  • People who playhigh impact sports
Benefits of LuminoCielo’s Compression Knee Brace
  1. Compression in the knee brace improves blood circulation and relieves pain in knees
  2. Wearing this knee brace regularly improves athletic performance and helps in injury recovery faster
  3. It’s therapeutic warmth relieves knee pain and arthritis joint pain
  4. It is made of 3D circular knitting technology
  5. It’s well-contoured pad around the knee cap helps disperse pressure seamlessly
  6. It helps in sprains &strains for the knee &knee tendinitis
  7. It’s anti-skid silicone holds the brace in place even when you run
  8. Available in four sizes to fit your pain comfortably

You can order your LuminoCielo’s Compression Knee Bracefrom it helps relive knee pain on daily basis.