Headache and Fever Precaution

  • Take short spell of rest between your works. If you feel fatigued mentally or physically ask for rest from your employer.
  • Avoid smoking a lot because cigarettes exhume more than 300 harmful chemicals inside the body. It intoxicates the body permanently and may be the cause of a severe headache and fever.
  • Discipline your life according to a particular routine. And try to sleep early and wake up early so that you can extract some time from your busy life for exercise.
  • Perform cardiovascular exercises and breathing exercises daily. It keeps your blood circulation level normal and helps you to draw more fresh air from your environment.
  • Do not take aspirins, paracetamols etc. habitually to counteract recurring migraines and fever. Go consult a doctor. Recurring migraines are often indicative of more serious diseases. Constant intake of aspirins and paracetamols may cause other side effects.

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