Headache and Fever Home Remedy

  • Clear your mind of disturbing and intrusive thoughts and practice breathing deeply from your lower abdomen and exhaling through your mouth.
  • Take a day off from work if it is bringing you down and take a walk on sea beach or a beautiful park.
  • Tension Headaches are often worse at the end of the day. A massage of the neck muscles is one way of helping the sufferer to relax and relieve the headache.
  • Apply our Multi-Purpose Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap around your head and neck to get relief from the discomfort of headache and fever.


If headache and fever persist for more than 72 hours then you should definitely go and see a doctor. One of the best cures when suffering from headache and fever is to free your mind of worry and tension. Drinking tea with basil leaves and ginger in it also helps in easing the feeling of feverishness and discomfort during such times.

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