Headache and Fever Causes

Tension headaches accompanied by fever may result due to overwork, stress, and anxiety. In the metropolitan cities of India, tension headaches are very common. The over-worked urbane Indian who usually drinks and smokes suffers from regular headaches and fever.

  • Migraines often cause severe headaches and fever. Women are prone to migraine more than man and there is a tendency for it to run in families. Migraines are caused due to the expanding or dilating of blood vessels in the body. It is often an early marker of fever. Don’t take aspirins without proper medical advice if migraine pain persists for more than 72 hrs.
  • Dust particles and mucus coagulated in the nasal often leads to high fever accompanied by severe headaches. Growing air-pollution and exposure to smog in the urban towns often leads to such headache and fever. Indians in the rural areas also suffer from headaches and fever due to the lack of proper ventilation in their homes.
  • High blood pressure often causes the blood vessels to expand abnormally and it causes severe headaches and also makes the victim feel feverish.
  • Women usually suffer headaches more than man because their nervous systems are more delicate than man. Woman should desist from smoking and drinking alcohol to avoid such headaches and fever. Consumption of sleeping pill, birth-control pills also causes headache and fever as their side-effects. Women also suffer from pre-menstrual headache accompanied with extreme pain in their pelvic region which often leads to their being feverish.

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