Headache and Fever

Headache accompanied by fever is a common bodily ailment. Every one of us had to suffer from it sometime or the other in our life. Some adults have headaches as a regular feature and it even affects their lifestyle. Amidst our busy life if we are constantly suffering from excruciating pain in our head and feel feverish we become easily irritated and annoyed. Persistently recurring painful headaches do not only affect our health but sometimes we get angry at our loved ones even if they are not at fault. This happens because we do not understand the cause and the means of relief from agonizing headaches.
Regular headaches and fever is a modern phenomenon. Urbane people suffer from more frequent and severe headaches resulting in fever as compared to people living in the outskirts. A 12-hour hectic work lifestyle, overconsumption of coffee and alcohol, smoking, lack of proper rest and the blaring, deafening sound of horns in the congested urban traffic all combine to cause headaches in an average city dweller.

Women are prone to headaches than man. A community-based study conducted by Neurological Society of India on the prevalence and causes of headaches in the Eastern part of India showed that 14 % of the women were suffering from regular headaches and migraines. Women also suffer from a premenstrual headache which is caused by excess fluid that is stored in the body t the time of periods.

A headache accompanied by fever in most cases is not a disease in itself but merely a messenger of some grave disorder in the body. Nothing could be more foolish than to kill this messenger with a tablet or two of aspirin. The most common reason for headaches, everyone will agree is tension. Overwork, lack of exercise and fresh air, anxiety, stress, often affects the overall body of a person and headache is such one sign of a fatigued body.


Tension headaches accompanied by fever may result due to overwork, stress, and anxiety. In the metropolitan cities of India, tension headaches are very common. The over-worked urbane Indian who usually drinks and smokes suffers from regular headaches and fever. Know more


Headache and fever are often marked by a growing irritability and temper associated with an inability of focusing on anything for long and vertigo. Know more


  • Take short spell of rest between your works. If you feel fatigued mentally or physically ask for rest from your employer.
  • Avoid smoking a lot because cigarettes exhume more than 300 harmful chemicals inside the body. It intoxicates the body permanently and may be the cause of a severe headache and fever. Know more

Home Remedy:

  • Clear your mind of disturbing and intrusive thoughts and practice breathing deeply from your lower abdomen and exhaling through your mouth.
  • Take a day off from work if it is bringing you down and take a walk on sea beach or a beautiful park. Know more

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