Feet Pain

Feet are very important part of a leg. They hold whole body weight during standing, pressure on feet can help to walk and run. Therefore, feet take many loads on them. Feet pain is the result of the negligence of feet care. The feet pain is a common complaint of the Indian population. The reason behind it includes some of the manifestations which include unawareness of footwear or do not provide much attention to the quality of the footwear. In addition, the crossing leg sitting posture, which is also known as ‘Indian Style’ also triggers feet pain. Less calcium containing diet and vitamin D deficiency in Indian women considered as causing factors for feet pain. However, some underlying disease conditions can also initiate feet pain.


The including causes, of feet pain, are ill-fitted footwear, the wrong posture of feet, injuries of feet during walking, running, dancing, or wrong technique of gym etc… Know More



Feet pain can occur at different locations of the feet like the arch of the feet, heel pain, the bottom of feet pain and Ball of feet pain etc… Know More


  • Twisting or crossing of feet during sitting need to avoid, while sitting place your feet flat on the ground.
  • During sitting place the knee position at right (90 degrees) angel… Know More

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