Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is condition develops in the upper limbs. The nerve present in the carpel tunnel compressed. The carpel tunnel is a narrow passage on the palm side of the wrist. The repetitive hand movement is one of the contributory factors for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Other included problems are the defective anatomy of the wrist and other health related problems. Alternatively, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is also known as median nerve compression.

The carpel tunnel syndrome is a gradually progressive condition and often untreated condition leads to worsening the condition. Therefore, early diagnosis is important to restrict the progression of carpel tunnel syndrome. Certain simple measures at the early stage of the carpel tunnel syndrome can cure the condition. If pressure on the nerve continues, then the carpel tunnel syndrome can cause permanent nerve damage, which is difficult to rectify by simple measure and restriction. Negligence of the carpel tunnel syndrome over a period of time turned to a serious health issue and affect the quality of life of the patient by decreasing or restricting daily activities.

In worsening condition, the permanent damage to the nerve causing the carpel tunnel syndrome needs to surgery in the wrist joint. The persistent pain and numbness of the hand can be indicative of carpel tunnel syndrome and it is always advisable that consultation with a medical doctor can diagnose the actual underlying cause of the condition.

In India, recent days the incidence of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is growing. The one of the primary reason is most of the people working on the computer for prolonged period of time. The repetitive typing or other activities in the computer can leads to increasing rate of carpel tunnel syndrome in India.


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