Slip Disk Causes

Slip Disk is the consequence of a slow degenerative process which is mostly seen after the fifth decade and commonly in the later stages of life.

When we grow older the water or gel-like content in the spinal disk decreases and because of it, the disk becomes more prone towards injury, even a simple twist can cause you a lot of pain.

In INDIA, if 20 cases are registered for back pain then 1 of them is suffering from the slip disk; the ratio is 1:20.

The information given below can cause slip disk,

  • Simple wear and tear due to Repetitive inappropriate actions.
  • Aging and complications.
  • It is common among gym freaks; excess weight lifting in a wrong way, too many sit-ups can cause slip disk.
  • Smoking, it softens the disk tissues.
  • Obesity and lack of physical activity.
  • Unpredicted damage, stress or even incidents.
  • Inactivity.

Many of us cannot determine the precise reason for our own herniated disk. Occasionally, using the back muscles more for lifting bulky and heavy objects can cause slip disk.

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