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Slip Disk Treatment

Almost 87% of patients suffering from disc herniations don’t need to go through surgery. The primary step is a diagnosis, a proper history

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Slip Disk Home Remedies

There are a lot of remedies available which can give a temporary relief from the pain. Walking; simple walking is the best remedy for Slip d

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Slip Disk Precautions

Proper care should be taken to prevent further damage. Don’t relax too much and steer clear of actions. Research shows that it’s ess

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Slip Disk Symptoms

If someone is suffering from a sudden, severe sharp pain in the lumbosacral region or the lower then it might be because of slip disk, the p

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Slip Disk Causes

Slip Disk is the consequence of a slow degenerative process which is mostly seen after the fifth decade and commonly in the later stages of

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