Benefits of Compression Wear During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Compression

Compression wear is often associated with older people or those with limited mobility. Many people don’t realize that compression wear can actually be very helpful for most active adults in their daily life and can be especially beneficial for pregnant women

Pregnancy and Changes

Pregnancy causes the body to change in many ways. There is the obvious physical change with a growing baby bump that changes the posture and adds pressure to the back and knees. 

Pregnancy also causes hormonal changes that affect ligaments as they loosen in preparation of the birthing process. This is why many pregnant women suffer from constant back, leg, knee, and joint pain. 

Many pregnant women suffer from swelling or edema in their hands, fingers, ankles, and feet. According to WebMD, this occurs when the body produces an excess amount of fluid during pregnancy.

Pregnancy-related changes also put pressure on the venous system. In rare instances, this can cause the occurrence of conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), blood clots, and varicose veins. 

How Can Compression Help?

Compression wear provides relief in the following ways:

  1. Reduces swelling or edema caused by the overproduction of fluid with gentle compression
  2. Improves circulation and blood flow to the arms and legs and can decrease the likelihood venous conditions
  3. Helps aching muscles, joints, and ligaments with supportive compression garments that alleviate physical discomfort  

Choosing the Right Product

  1. Graduated Compression Sock
    1. Graduated Compression Socks start with a snug fit at the ankle and gradually relax towards the top for all day comfort
    2. Gentle compression both helps reduce swelling and increases circulation to maximize benefits
    3. Full foot design also helps provide relief for aching feet or arches caused by pregnancy weight gain or an irregular posture 
  1. Knee Brace
    1. A contoured knee pad with gentle compression provides support the knees and helps with added pressure to the back or feet by adding a layer of supportive stability
    2. At Lumino Cielo, we manufacture our knee braces with therapeutic warmth to increase comfort and provide relief. Subtle features like this can really help provide additional relief
  1. Compression Gloves
    1. Compression gloves are contoured to fit the hands with ease and allow users full mobility to complete their daily tasks with ease
    2. Gentle compression reduces swelling, improves circulation in the hands and arms, as well as providing wrist support

It is important to note that compression strength can vary by product. Compression wear is designed to be firm and supportive, while suitable for all day usage. If a product feels too tight or cuts off circulation, consider sizing up or reducing the compression strength to find a comfortable fit that works for you. 

Specific concerns and questions during pregnancy should be directed to a medical professional. 

Lumino Cielo

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