Alternative Therapy for Knee Pain

Chronic Knee Pain

Living with a chronic condition means experiencing daily discomfort and navigating symptoms as they impact everyday life and decisions. Chronic knee pain is the constant inflammation of the knee joint accompanied by sharp shooting pain, or dull throbbing pain. 

 Lifestyle Impacts

Chronic knee pain has multiple lifestyle impacts. There is a constant re-assessment of the pain level and calculating whether or not a certain activity is feasible based on the current pain level. Medication or other intervention like cold compresses or muscle relaxant cream might be needed to help achieve simple tasks since without them, the pain level can be difficult to manage. 

Knee pain can also cause weight gain due to difficulties maintaining an active lifestyle which exacerbates the pressure on the knee. It is also challenging to participate in physical activities like walks or watching grandchildren due to the knee pain. 

 Like many chronic conditions, knee pain can even impact mood and mental well-being. Living with constant pain, navigating the challenges of managing it, and being unable to perform physical activities with ease can take a great mental toll. 


Treatment for chronic knee pain varies and depends on the cause of the knee pain. A few typical interventional treatments include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Medication
    1. Painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications can help reduce daily pain level and make physical activities and daily tasks more manageable
  2. Injections
    1. Cortisone injections help reduce inflammation in the knee joints
    2. Lubricating injections help joint mobility by restoring fluid in the knee
  3. Surgery
    1. Surgical intervention can range from minimally invasive procedures to repair tears in the cartilage to knee replacement surgery. Again, these vary based on the cause of the chronic knee pain

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies for knee pain use a multi-tiered approach to strengthen the knee muscles while providing strategies to manage pain and rehabilitate the knee as much as possible. 

Common alternative therapies for knee pain includes the following:

  1. Stretching & Exercise
    1. Stretching is often underutilized but has a tremendous impact on strengthening the knee joint with regular, low-impact movements that are accessible for all fitness levels
    2. Exercise builds on stretching with regular and progressively intensive movements to strengthen the muscles around the knee
  2. Lifestyle Changes & Weight Loss
    1. Lifestyle changes and weight loss can be difficult to enact but once regular exercise, low impact activities like short walks, and healthy dietary habits become a routine, they help reduce the pressure around the knee joint
  3. Compression Wear
    1. Compression Wear in the form of a knee brace is an effective method of supporting the knee throughout the day and reducing additional pressure. Lumino Cielo manufactures a contoured knee pad to maximize comfort for daily use. With therapeutic warmth to reduce inflammation and gentle compression to reduce swelling and increase circulation to the knee, the brace provides constant support to help reduce chronic knee pain.

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