5 Myths About Compression Wear – January 23, 2023

5 Myths About Compression Wear

When people hear the following terms – compression socks, compression sleeves, knee braces, or wrist braces, they usually think of someone older with a condition like varicose veins or an injury requiring extra support. This misconception is very common. However, it is exactly that – a misconception. The truth is that compression wear and support braces can and should be used by everyone, at any age, and on a daily basis. 

Let’s unpack 5 myths about compression wear and understand just how it can improve your daily quality of life and health. 

  • Compression socks are for the elderly
    • Compression socks can benefit everyone, at any age. Compression wear improves circulation and blood flow to the areas where compression is applied. This means that compression wear helps anyone who is sitting for a prolonged period of time due to either lifestyle or activity choices. 
    • Examples of prolonged periods of sitting include university students who have to sit through a lecture; individuals in the workplace who are sitting during a meeting; those who commute to work or school on a bus, train, or car. In general, the average adult usually has extended sedentary periods throughout the day. 
    • Compression socks can help preempt common issues like blood clots, or varicose veins. Blood clots can also occur at any age when blood circulation is limited or reduced – during pregnancy, post-surgery, or with risk factors associated with smoking or oral birth control. 

Lumino Cielo

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