Insoles and Compression Socks: Solutions for Plantar Fasciitis


If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. You need both Insoles AND Compression Socks

I am training for a marathon for the past eight months. A few months ago, when I started getting heel pain, I got really worried. I am a Mumbai resident so I walk a lot. I am neither overweight nor unfit. I have been a runner for a long time and have participated in a few half-marathons. I train 4-5 times a week and I workout regularly too. My doctor told me that my condition was called Plantar Fasciitis. The condition causes heel pain that often affects runners. It is like a sports injury without an injury episode. I started taking doctor prescribed pain reducing medicine but realized pretty soon that I needed a better solution. I wore night splints (to keep my fascia stretched) briefly, but they were uncomfortable to wear and hard to sleep in. I used Plantar Fasciitis gels, got homeopathic oils to massage my feet but they offered minor pain relief only. My pain reduced substantially only when I used two products TOGETHER: Insoles and Compression Socks.

The best formula is to combine insoles and compression socks so they work together on your foot pain

I bought a pair of Insoles that were designed to give arch support. They worked well. These insoles gave extra cushioning to my heels when I was running. However, I could use insoles only when I was wearing sports shoes. I needed a product that I could wear throughout the day and in all my footwear.

I wear clogs to work, and I wear chappals at home. I got Lumino Cielo All-Day Compression Sleeves from the internet. I started wearing them regularly with my clogs and my chappals and found that the foot pain started to significantly reduce. Then I purchased Lumino Cielo Compression Athletic Fit socks to see if they would help me with my running. I wore these socks while gyming, walking, running and marathon training. The compression offered by both of these socks has reduced my heel pain and now I live pain free and am able to continue my marathon training. Between the Compression Sleeves and Compression Athletic Socks, my feet get the right support day and night.

For those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, just putting insoles in shoes is not enough. For many, the insoles are impractical as well. Most insoles are made for sports shoes and in the summer weather, you do not want to wear sports shoes all the times. For anyone suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, foot support is critical throughout the day.  The best formula is to combine insoles and compression socks to work together on your heel pain. The Lumino Cielo Compression socks complement the insoles and offer support to your feet all the time. I really like their products and would recommend them for anyone suffering from foot pain issues.


Image Source for Image of a Marathon Runner: Joe From Flickr. Thanks Joe.


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