Feet Pain

Feet are very important part of a leg. They hold whole body weight during standing, pressure on feet can help to walk and run. Therefore, feet take many loads on them. Feet pain is the result of the negligence of feet care. The feet pain is a common complaint of the Indian population. The reason behind it includes some of the manifestations which include unawareness of footwear or do not provide much attention to the quality of the footwear. In addition, the crossing leg sitting posture, which is also known as ‘Indian Style’ also triggers feet pain. Less calcium containing diet and vitamin D deficiency in Indian women considered as causing factors for feet pain. However, some underlying disease conditions can also initiate feet pain.


The including causes, of feet pain, are ill-fitted footwear, the wrong posture of feet, injuries of feet during walking, running, dancing, or wrong technique of gym etc. Besides these causes, some underlying disease conditions like diabetes, obesity, gout, wart formation, pregnancy can also cause feet pain.


Feet pain can occur at different locations of the feet like the arch of the feet, heel pain, the bottom of feet pain and Ball of feet pain etc.

  • The intensity of feet pain varies from mild to severe. The type of pain can be throbbing or continuous.
  • Some complaint sharp and shooting pain in feet at morning
  • Sometimes pain with burning sensation or irritation can also occur.


  • Twisting or crossing of feet during sitting need to avoid, while sitting place your feet flat on the ground.
  • During sitting place the knee position at right (90 degrees) angel.
  • Rest your feet on the mattress during winter instead of the plain floor. This will help t maintain feet temperature normal.
  • Feet exercise like the gentle rolling of feet is always good for feet.
  • Taking care of feet by maintaining feet hygiene, cutting nails, proper moisturizing is also important steps to avoid feet pain. An assistive device like Lumino Cielo Sports Socks can prevent anti-microbial growth that controls odor and Keeps Feet Dry and it also provides arch support.
  • Wear good quality foot wear with a flat sole and right size shoe is essential to prevent feet pain.
  • Diagnosis of the underlying cause, if any disease condition triggers the pain need to treat properly.

Home Remedies

Some of the following home remedies are used to relief feet pain:

  • Foot massage with some Ayurvedic pain relieving oil can provide a relaxing sensation of feet.
  • Ice pack is effective to control severe feet pain
  • Wrapping of crape bandage on feet during resting time can help to reduce pain symptom
  • Calcium rich diet is essential for women
  • Morning exposure to sunlight can provide vitamin D and can compensate its requirement.


  • Detection of underlying cause and eradication of the cause is main treatment aim of feet pain. Usually, the doctor recommends X-ray and depending upon the findings the possible treatment approaches are as follows:
  • Pain killer like paracetamol, Ibuprofen (Non-steroidal anti-Inflammatory drugs) prescribes by the doctor in case of exterior injury, fracture, ligament tearing, sprain etc.
  • Doctor can also recommend physical therapy for feet pain
  • Surgical intervention can require for wart removal
  • An assistive device like Compression socks can help to rest the feet and accelerates the internal healing of the injured tissue of the feet. Lumino Cielo Low Cut Graduated Compression Sports Socks can provide arch support and pain relief. The product is available on Amazon.
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